If You Value Your Kids’ Health
As Much As - Or More Than
You Value Your Own…


I’m about to share to you a SECRET
that even your trusted pediatrician
will not tell you


Then, I’m going to do something unexpected



But first I have a couple of assumptions:

Assumption 1:

I ASSUME YOUR HEART BREAKS whenever your children experience symptoms from Allergies, Rhinitis, Asthma, Skin Asthma (Atopic Dermatitis) or other disorders.

You may be looking for BETTER ALTERNATIVES to the medicines and creams…  which offer only temporary relief.

And so you do everything you can to find ways on HOW YOU CAN HELP your kids RECOVER PERMANENTLY from these disorders.


Assumption 2:

I assume you are busy with your career so you have NO TIME TO COOK three healthy meals a day for your kids.

Your kids may also be CHOOSY WITH FOOD. And they may not be eating fruits or vegetables that much.

I also assume that you are looking for ways to give the NUTRITION that your kids need.

I assume you are like me… DESPERATE to make my kids HEALTHIER and more RESISTANT TO SICKNESS than they are now.


But what’s that “something unexpected” that I was talking about?

When I’m done, I’m going to ask you to try


and I will give you 30 days to decide if you agree with me.

If you don’t, I WILL BUY IT BACK from you.


My friends tell me this is crazy but I really believe you and your kids will benefit from this amazing juice.

This is my way of contributing to society THE GIFT – that made me become healthier and more resistant to sickness.

What credentials do I have to talk about health and nutrition?

Well, none. I am just a long-time, VERY SATISFIED USER of this supplement.


But I think Paul Kramer,  a Renowned Nutritionist

and author of the popular book

Fighting Body Pollution

has all the credentials to give us advice

on “being healthy in today’s world”.


Here’s the “SECRET” I mentioned earlier:

click on the video to play


Allergies, Skin Asthma, Asthma, Rhinitis

and a lot of disorders are manifestations


Expensive Creams, Steroids, Anti Asthma, Antihistamines and Nasal Sprays are only temporary relief for the symptoms.



to the Body’s Biological Systems


Nourish, support, balance and strengthen the systems of the body to

BRING BACK THE HEALTH it was designed to have


But the BIG question is…

Are Your Kids Getting Proper Nourishment?

If their diet is usually CHIPS, fastfood burgers, HOTDOGS, fries, processed CHICKEN NUGGETS, fastfood spaghetti, CANNED FOOD, softdrinks and ICE CREAM, then how do you expect them to be resistant to sickness?

Fortunately, Intra can help…


How is Intra different from cheap, store-bought vitamins I give my kids?

Aside from Intra’s DELIGHTFUL TASTE that your kids will definitely love, your kids will experience dramatic results from a blend of 23 botanical extracts.

Its ingredients are derived from 23 different herbs which have been known throughout history to have health giving properties.  The extracts come from the roots, leaves and flowers of the plants themselves.

Ever wonder why your kids’ urine has a dark yellow color right after taking multivitamins?

Experts refer to this as “Expensive Urine”. Cheap, store-bought vitamins are artificial.  The body does not break down absorb these non-natural Vitamins that easily.  So whatever is not absorbed by the body will only be expelled with urine.

You are literally flushing your money down the drain with these artificial vitamins.


Since Intra is an organic food supplement, the body easily absorbs all of its nutrients. Plus, Intra gives additional benefits because of the health-giving properties in each ingredient.


So how will Intra benefit my children?

Intra works with the natural systems of the body and, because each one of us is different, we experience different results at different time frames when we take this juice regularly.  In general, Intra will help you support and strengthen the areas of your body where it is weakest – often the results are very dramatic.

Intra 23 Botanicals

Your Kids Will Love Intra

It is DELICIOUS! — especially when chilled.

In fact, my customers' kids love it!  And, I would gladly trade Pepsi or Iced Tea for it if for the taste alone.

Proper Nourishment For Your Kids

If you are a too busy to cook three balanced healthy meals a day for your children, they may not be getting enough nutrition.  Or, if you cannot make them eat their vegetables they most probably are not eating balanced meals.

The two dozen botanicals in Intra provide the nutrients essential for the body.

Better Resistance to Sickness

Intra gives good nutrition.  The benefits of good nutrition are infinite.  It is essential for all the body systems to function well.  This includes the immune system, which makes the body resistant to sickness.

Faster Recovery from Sickness

The body has the capability to regenerate or to heal itself. The health-giving properties of Intra’s herbs stimulate the body’s natural healing response. Then, Intra fuels this healing process by supplying the nutrients the body needs.

For almost 11 year now, I stopped taking cheap, store-bought vitamins.  I take Intra instead.  Now I no longer get sick that often and in rare times I get sick, my health recovers really fast.

Your Kids Will Get Rid of Body Toxins Too!

Intra has ingredients that help in the body’s detoxification process.  Your children will be cleansed from toxins.  This allows their bodies to absorb nutrients better making them healthier.

Better absorption can also benefit your kids when they are taking other medicines.  Intra does not counteract with other drugs.  It will even make the body absorb the other medicines better.


Hmm… How will Intra benefit me?

Intra is suitable not only for kids but for the whole family.  With this you may also enjoy all the benefits and more:

Bigger savings for you

MEDICAL CONSULTATIONS ARE COSTLY.  Let alone day offs at work just to bring your children to the doctor.  Healthy children mean fewer visits to your pediatrician.

Of all people, parents know the real value of time.  Time is gold, especially if you are the usual typical employee.  There are only limited leaves of absence, sometimes none.  Even worse, sometimes your boss won’t even let you get a leave for your kid.

Healthier children will mean less stress for you

Rather than spending your time taking them to the doctor, why not use the time to play with them when they are healthy? Just imagine ...

Bonding with your kids, traveling with them, playing with them.

Plus you can also focus on your career, business, education or even hobbies.

I remember my best friend used to call in sick for work just to take care of his daughter when she is sick.  His wife works in a call center so it is impossible for her to do so.  Stress can really take a toll on parents.  Most of the times, because of that stress, parents themselves get sick too.

You will have peace of mind in using a premium quality product

One of the most important things I learned in life is

“there’s a reason why cheap products are cheap”.

Don’t get me wrong, I also don’t like overpriced products.

Whenever I consider a product, I look at it’s value (quality and benefits) first before the price. Especially if it is for my family.

Quality Assured!

Quality Assured!

Intra is a premium product from Canada.  Extensive and stringent independent laboratory testing confirms the safety and purity of all components of Intra.

The manufacturing is NOT outsourced. Intra is made in Canada, in a manufacturing plant owned and run by Lifestyles, Inc.

With this, expect a high quality product. Also, unlike some other herbal supplements,

Intra contains NO PESTICIDES.

We do not only claim it, we have tests to prove it!

Click on the link below to view the document

 Intra is Pesticide-Free

Tell me more about Intra

I understand that you want to know everything about the product before you even consider trying it.  Fair enough for me.  In fact, that is what I urge you to do – to learn more about this product.


Below is a list of documents you can view to know the details about Intra.

 The 23 Botanicals of Intra

 Comparison with Other Supplements

 Intra – Answers to Frequently Asked Questions


Proper nourishment has its hidden benefits…

But I’ll tell you more on that later.


Is this really safe for children?

Yes, definitely! It is safe for children.

But do not just take my word for it.

Intra is BFAD approved! BFAD Registration No. Fr-21499

Although it’s ingredients have health-giving properties, Intra is NOT a drug.  It is an organic food supplement.

If it is safe for your children to eat fruits and vegetables, then Intra is definitely safe for them.


How much Intra should my children take every day?

The recommended serving of Intra is 28 ml to 56 ml (1 – 2 fluid ounces) a day, but up to 168 ml (6 fluid ounces) can be safely consumed daily.

If you can give your kids 8 ounces of Coke, there’s no reason why you cannot give them 6 ounces of Intra.

Intra is suitable for the whole family. If they can eat vegetables, they can take Intra.

Can my kids take Intra if they are taking other medicines?

Yes they sure can.  Intra does not conflict with other drugs.

In addition, Intra even makes the body absorb the drugs better, while preventing harmful side effects from such drugs


How fast will I see results?

Here’s to manage your expectations.

I’d be lying to you if I said everyone will see results before a month.  This is because some people experience results in just days.  Most people experience great results in weeks. While some, in months.

Results really vary and I am in no position to tell you when to expect results.

I cannot over-emphasize this:

Intra works with the natural systems of the body and, because each one of us is different,
we experience different results when using the product.  In general, Intra helps support and strengthen the areas of the body where we are weakest.

Are there known side-effects with Intra?

In general, Intra has no side effects.

Occasionally, a small minority of people go through a mild adjustment or cleansing period shortly after taking the product.  This process should last no more than 3 – 5 days, and can be avoided by taking a small amount of product (5 – 10 ml / 1 – 2 tsp) and working up slowly to the 28 ml – 56 ml (1 – 2 fluid ounces) level.

If you are on medication, it is always wise to start slowly and work up to the 28 ml – 56 ml (1 – 2 fluid ounces) daily level.  Further, Intra is a food product, and as such, a small minority of people may be allergic to one of the ingredients that make up the formula.

As with any food product, if an adverse side-effects are experienced, the person should not continue to take Intra.

I personally experienced this mild adjustment and cleansing period. LBM happened on the third day of using Intra. This lasted for only a couple of days. This is a good sign. It shows detoxification process kicking in. 

Also, a friend of mine reported a very pungent smell and discoloration on her urine for a week. This is also because of the cleansing period. 

Since Intra is a premium quality product from Canada, this must be expensive right?

Frankly, the premium product is not cheap but it is affordable.

The benefits of this premium product outweigh the price. Again it’s two dozen botanicals in a bottle.

If you think green barley, wheatgrass or malunggay supplements are affordable, remember:

Intra is 23 botanicals in one bottle AND IT’S DELICIOUS!

You won’t find anything better than this in the market.

It is exclusively distributed by Lifestyles.


Intra Trio Pack (3 Bottles) costs only 5100 Pesos

(You save 300 pesos + Inclusive of Delivery)


1 Bottle of Intra costs only 1800 Pesos.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Or I’ll give you your money back!

As I have said earlier, you have 30 days to agree with me that this is an amazing product.

If you are not satisfied with this product, return the bottle to us and I will give you a refund.


* Discounted price given to preferred customers.





We did you the favor of taking away your risk...

Now, return the favor to your kids…




You’ll Be Glad You Did.


For more questions, or to order, call me:

[Tony] 0917 510 2257
or (02) 964-2150

This is my Globe postpaid number


You have three options to get the products:

1. You may pick up the items at our home office

Our home office is at

Unit Y-1 L.T. Sy Compound, 2308 Taft Avenue, Pasay City

Landmarks: Our home is along Taft Avenue somewhere between LRT Gil Puyat and LRT Libertad Station. Beside our apartment gate is Electron Technical. In front of it is Asia United Bank

2. You can also have the products delivered to your doorsteps

For your convenience, we may ship your items via LBC, Air21, 2Go or JAM Express Courier – We charge a minimal amount for delivery depending on your location. (Free Delivery for Trio Pack!)

Payments are accepted through any of the following bank accounts:

Banco De Oro Bank Deposit
Banco De Oro (BDO)

Libertad-Taft Branch
Anthony Pena
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BPI Bank Deposit

Pasay Cartimar Branch
Anthony Pena
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Metrobank Bank Deposit


Buendia-Taft Branch
Anthony Pena
Savings Account

G-Cash Payment

you may send it to my Globe Mobile Number at 09175102257.

Visa        MasterCard

Credit Cards

(for orders of at least three bottles)
Major Credit Cards (Visa and Mastercard) are accepted.


As soon as we confirm your payment, text or email us your complete name and mailing address so we can send it to you.


We’ll also provide you with the tracking number so you can call them up and ask about the whereabouts of your package.


3. You can also schedule a meetup for cash on delivery

If you are located in easily accessible areas in Metro Manila or Angeles City we may schedule a meet up.

4. NEW! We can now deliver to US and CANADA from our global branches. Email us for details at product@herbalforkids.com.

Should you have other questions feel free to give me a call.

I’ll be glad to be of service to you.

If you've been reading up to this point, it only goes to show that your concern for them really has no limits -- and you really do love them. I salute you!

Would you rather spend time by taking care of them while they are sick? Or would you rather spend time playing with them, seeing them enjoying their childhood in great health?

Please don't delay. Remember, every moment our children suffers in pain is a moment of happiness that we've lost with them.

And remember, you can let your child (or yourself) try intra for 30 days without any risks because of the 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee.

If, for any reason (as in any reason at all), you’re not satisfied with Intra, simply return the bottle within 30 days and I will buy it back from you.

Even if you just say “I’m not satisfied.” -- even if it’s that simple -- we’ll still refund your money back!

So what are you waiting for!?!?

Pick up the phone and call me now at (02) 964-2150 or 09175102257 to order your Intra and start giving your child the best health he/she deserves.

*** In case you can't reach us in those phone numbers (probably because of the many callers inquiring), you may also reach me or any of my teammates through the following numbers:

(02) 215-6593 [Globe Duo Landline]
(02) 964-2150 [Globe Duo Landline]
(02) 348-3157 [Sun Cellular / Digitel Landline]

09175102257 [Globe]
09175102258 [Globe]
09228610037 [Sun Cellular]

1-626-789-7055 for USA, Canada and International Orders
product@herbalforkids.com [Email] also for USA,Canada and International Orders

I’d be very happy to assist you, and I'm looking forward to helping you and your kids achieve and maintain your greatest health.

AnthonyVery Truly Yours,

Tony Pena
your health and wellness partner


mobile (philippines) 63.917.510.2257
office (philippines) 63.2.964.2150
office (usa voip) 1.626.789.7055
email product@herbalforkids.com



P.S. Just in case you somehow missed the details above, here are the top six reasons why your kids should have Intra:


Because you can’t cook three healthy meals a day, everyday, for your kids

Because you want your kids to be healthier and more resistant to sickness

Because your kids do not eat fruits and vegetables that much

Because Anti Allergy and Anti Asthma drugs are only temporary remedies

Because Intra is SO DELICIOUS (I can’t emphasize this enough)


P.P.S. By the way, if you are still not convinced, here are the “hidden benefits” I mentioned earlier…

In general, Intra will help you support and strengthen the areas of your body where it is weakest – often the results are very dramatic.

Intra has no approved therapeutic claims however we cannot say that such claims are false either.

In fact, there are over 85000 research studies published in peer-reviewed journals supporting the benefits of each of the botanicals found in Intra.

Plus, a lot of people already experienced amazing results with using Intra.  Some of their testimonials are posted here.

My Daughter is Now Free from Skin Asthma

My daughter had skin asthma.  She inherited this from her Mom.  Several times, she would itch terribly during asthma attacks.  She had red rashes on every fold on her body – eyes, neck, arms, legs.  All she could do was to cry herself to sleep.

Her Mom and I had her checked up by a dermatologist.  We were told that Skin Asthma is a lifetime disorder and we cannot do anything about it.  As far as the Derma was concerned, there were no available drugs to cure Skin Asthma.  She just gave our daughter expensive steroid creams and antihistamines for temporary relief.

Fortunately, a friend of mine suggested Intra.  Without any hesitation, I had my daughter try it. With high hopes, we continued using the product for a couple of months until gradually we were seeing results.  She is now three and she had been using Intra regularly for almost a year now.   Her Skin Asthma has never been triggered since she used Intra. Rashes are gone and wounds have completely healed.  My wife and I thank God for this product and we’ll continue using it.

June 2012 – Mark C., Angeles City


More testimonials to follow…

We’ll add more testimonials as soon as I get the owners’ permissions to post them here.

P.P.P.S.  Now if you are convinced with the product but you have concerns about the price,  please call me…  I’m here to help – let’s have an arrangement.

Thanks and God bless.

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  1. admin says:


    The Natural Path Herbal Guide Ebook – A great ebook describing herbs and their health-giving properties. It’s a must have for every home! Get it for free! (We will send the ebook to your email address). Call us at 0917-5102257 or (02) 215-6593.

  2. Marionette R. Peralta says:

    I am interested in your product because I have 3 sons who has Allergy Rhinitis which they inhereted from me .

    • admin says:

      Thank you for your interest in our product. Feel free to contact me anytime for questions or concerns. Thanks and God bless!

  3. Clariz De Guzman says:

    send me more info about this product.

    Will the 1,800 per bottle last for how many days. I have allergic rhinitis eversince and my 9yr old daughter inherited it. My 21 yr old daughter had skin asthma since birth. If 3 of us will use it or all 5 of us in the family will use this how long will this one bottle last?

  4. maben destreza says:

    is it also effective for adults? i have both asthma and allergic rhinitis. and can i buy 1 bottle only?

    • admin says:

      Hi Maben,

      I have a friend who recovered from Rhinitis and Skin Asthma. Try the product out and see if it works for you as well.

      We recommend getting the Trio pack for more savings and free delivery.
      However, you prefer to order only 1 bottle, it's only for 1800 pesos only (add 100 for delivery).

      Have a pleasant day!


  5. faye mistades says:

    i have skin asthma. it’s not severe but i would like to know if the benefits are permanent – meaning, can i stop taking intra once i see the results, or do i have to take it forever to keep my symptoms at bay? thank you.

    • admin says:

      Hi Faye,

      Allergens trigger itching on the skin. This is your Immune System working. Its your body’s natural defense.
      However, in the case of Skin Asthma, your body becomes overly sensitive to allergens.

      Using creams and moisturizers helps treat the symptoms, however it does not really deal with the problem…

      The problem is a weak Immune System.

      Giving the body proper nourishment allows you to have a stronger immune system (better resistance).
      This in turn relieves you of the symptoms. Symptoms which were brought about by a weak (and confused) Immune System in the first place.

      Intra is a unique and proprietary blend of 23 botanical extracts designed to support, balance and strengthen the 8 biological systems of the body.
      This includes the Immune System.
      When you see the results, you may stop using Intra for as long as you can provide your body the nourishment it needs.

      Feel free to call me for further questions. Thank you!

      • Rachel Tongol says:

        Hi Admin,

        So does this mean that Intra is just an aid in nutrition?

        • admin says:

          Hi Miss Rachel.

          We really appreciate your reply in our previous comment.

          To clarify, let me first point out how important nutrition is. Nutrients allow the body to live. It feeds every cell in the body. It allows the biological systems of the body to work in synergy to function as expected.

          Some people see nutrition as “just” nutrition…
          but you’ll be amazed how most people experience dramatic results when they take in the right nutrients.

          Now to answer your question:

          Intra is “not just” an aid in nutrition. It does provide proper nutrition.
          PLUS the herbs in Intra have health-giving properties which stimulates the body’s healing response.

          I hope I was able to answer your question.

          Have a pleasant day!

  6. admin says:

    More information in our Facebook page:


  7. donna says:

    is intra safe for newborns and babies 3months +? my daughter inherited dermatitis from me. we both have atopic dermatitis and i, alone have asthma also. can this be safe for infants?

    • admin says:

      Hi Donna,

      We appreciate your comment. Since I am not in the position to answer your question, I asked Paul Kramer, R.N.C (Yes, the Senior VP of Lifestyles Himself, the man from the video), and I quote:

      Donna asks,
      “is Intra safe for newborns and babies 3 months? my daughter inherited dermatitis from me.
      we both have atopic dermatitis and i, alone have asthma also. can this be safe for infants?”

      Paul Kramer writes,
      ” Great to hear from you. Intra can be used by infant in small quantities. To ensure there are not any unknown allergies, I suggest she starts with 1 ml per day for 5 days. Then gradually work up to 10 ml daily.

      I hope I was able to answer your question.

  8. Ken says:

    Does it mean that I have to continue to take this product in order for ailments (such as allergies) not to recur? Will it be able to cure autoimmune disorders such as allergies? Thanks.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for your question. I have answered a similar question from Miss Faye Mistades.

      “…When you see the results, you may stop using Intra for as long as you can provide your body the nourishment it needs.”

      Try Intra today, you’ll be glad you did :)

  9. tes says:

    i am interested in buying your product to try it out for my son who has atopic dermatitis. you mentioned above ” Occasionally, a small minority of people go through a mild adjustment or cleansing period shortly after taking the product.” what are these mild adjustment/ side effects? just want to make sure that it wont irritate or make my son’s eczema worst.

    • admin says:

      Hi Tes,

      Intra has no side effects. The mild adjustment varies depending on how the body reacts to the nourishment that Intra provides.
      Most clients reported experiencing LBM on the third day of use which lasted for a day.
      This was also experienced by my daughter on the first week of use.
      Some reported noticing a very strong odor from urine after a week of use.

      The cleansing period is usually caused by detoxification. It is perfectly normal and it usually lasts only a day or two.
      You may want to read the FAQ document on Intra to know more about the product.

      Intra Frequently Asked Questions


  10. Cay R. Odvina says:

    God’s day…saan po kayo nagdi-deliver ng intra sa angeles city?…ang alam ko lang po kasing puntahan doon ay marquee mall at sm clark…gusto ko rin pong i-try sa anak kong may skin asthma…thanks…more power…God bless!

    • admin says:

      Hi Miss Cay,

      My mom lives in Villa Teresa. Advise us on when you plan to drop by (maybe a week before) so I can send her your products. However, to avoid the hassle on your part, we could have the items delivered to your address. Thanks and God bless.

  11. weng says:

    Hi!….I would like to try Intra for my daughter…she has a skin asthma which she inherited from his father…it is safe for my 5 year old daughter to take Intra?….In case…..how many ml will she take for a day?
    Thank you so much

    • admin says:

      Hi Weng,
      5 year olds can already take the recommended serving of 1 oz. (30 ml) a day. Up to 6 ounces can be taken in case your daughter wants more (like in the case of my 3 year old daughter). We recommend starting out with a small serving of 15 ml on the first day, 20 ml on the second, and 25 ml on the third day. On the fourth day you may give 1 – 2 ounces. Thanks and God bless.

  12. Icel says:

    Hi! gusto ko sna i try yun 1 bottle muna,my nephew have skin asthma, do you deliver in bulacan area? How much ang cost? And how long ang iintayin after i place order? Thanks!

    • admin says:

      Hi Icel,

      Your questions are already answered in the information above. However, for your convenience, you can just give us a call. We’ll be glad to personally answer your questions. Thanks and God bless.

  13. grace says:

    Gud evening…my daughter is 3yrs old & may skin astma din xa.marami n xang ntry n cream baby soap pero hindi tlga sya hiyang,kaya gusto ko rin sana itry s knya ang intra…100% safe b tlgang inumin nia ang intra?takot n kasi akong magkasakit sya kc nagkukumbulsyon sya pagnilalagnat sya…

    • admin says:

      Hi Grace. I definitely understand your concerns about safety.
      Intra is perfectly safe. The product is made in Canada and is manufactured with the highest standards.
      For your peace of mind, the product is also BFAD approved (see information above for BFAD details).
      Try Intra, it worked for my wife and daughter, it may also work for your family.

  14. Aileen A. Nicodemus says:

    Hi! I’m interested to try Intra for my 9 year old son, he is now suffering from Atopic dermatitis, he uses creams, antihistamines, steriods and vaccine to increase his immnune system. But for more than 3 years of using the said medications there’s no effect. I’m glad there’s someone text me the website of “herbal for kids”. The testimony of Mr. Mark is almost related on what is happening right now to my 9 year old son. We studied the profile of Lifestyle “Intra”. We would like to drop by in your office to pick-up 1bottle so that we can try it. God Bless You All!

    • admin says:

      Hi Miss Aileen,

      Feel free to drop by our home office from 10 am to 6 pm. You may ask the guard for Justine or Necil. Thank you so much.

  15. Marian says:

    Hi, my son is turning two and he has suffered from skin asthma since he was three months old. I am interested about your product. Can I pay through smart money? also wondering because we don’t have refrigerator. Is it okay if it’s not put in the ref? What is the suggested dosage for him? Is there any website, blog or forum where i can read or hear other people testify about the benefits or good effects of the product? why isn’t it televised yet or if it has been, what tv program can i check? thank you very much.. :)

  16. Leny says:

    Hi! I would like to ask what number to call? Thanks

  17. prescilla sareno says:

    good day po.. my 7 month old son has skin asthma.. ilang ml po ba ang pwede ibigay sa kanya?
    thanks for your site it help me a lot..
    God Bless..

  18. Amanda says:

    Can you give it to a 5 month old baby?

  19. charmz says:

    hi, im 23 yrs of age now and when i started to have a skin asthma i was 16 and after a few months my skin asthma was gone but when i turned 22 yrs old my skin asthma is back again till now i have it :( im really looking for cureness about it because skin astma was so painful esp. when it comes wounds :( … and when i saw intra i was so interesting to have it and hope i can have it soon… thanks and God bless!

    • admin says:

      I appreciate your interest with Intra. Give us a call if you would like to know more about Intra. I’d be happy to be of service. Thanks and God bless.

  20. charmz says:

    Thanks for the info that you shared to us!… God bless!